Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Natali lamas - Argentina Triple x

Natali lamas es una actriz porno argentina

Natali Lamas, the perfect Argentinian slut

Argentina XXX presents you Natali Lamas. She is not what we could call beautiful, nor she has a great body, but believe me, Natali is the woman you would like to share your bed…forever. She has a vibrating and electrical sensuality and if you see her video on this amazing site, you will be in love her, just like I am.

The scene begins with her being interviewed, and with sporty humor, she tells us that her name “La…Mas” means the best. Fortunately all Argentina XXX are subtitled, so you can enjoy their sexy accent and laugh with their jokes at the same time. But as the intervews goes on Natali shows that she has a huge butt plug inside her asshole, she has been talking and opening up her anus at the same time!

And when this Argentinian stud comes, the sex lesson begis. First she tries to gag on his cock, and it is funny her lesson on him, saying that she is the one who must have control, otherwise he will dig a hole in mouth! Witty girl!

And then she proceeds to an anal sex lesson you will never forget. Not once the guy fucks her pussy, just straight to the A-hole. She lies in many positions, and uses an even larger black dildo to gape her ass. The guy just goes to heaven as she lies on her side, opening up her butt for him to fuck as he wishes.

And at the end, she begs and claims for her cumshot reward. This girl truly loves sex and she will not end without having her mouth filled with her man’s cum.

Unbelivable! You cannot miss her full video at Argentina XXX, the short clips you will find at other galleries just don’t tell the truth about this Argentinian slut nastyness…

Natali Lamas - Explosion Anal #1




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